Hi my name is Lee Ware.
I am licensed for pest control in the state of Louisiana and a Customer Support Manger the largest retail chain of do-it yourself pest control stores in the south. So I am here to help educate you on what you are dealing with so you can take them out.
I designed this site to be informative so you can protect your home and family in a safe manner with as little cost as possible.
Other sites may offer similar information, but my website comes with a personal touch. I can help customize a treatment plan to fit your needs.
I provide you information in three simple steps:
1. Help to Identify your problem
2. Educate you on their habits so you will know where to treat for them
3. Recommend products and tips on how to use them
I am available for speaking engagements to clubs, groups and organizations in the New Orleans area.

Honesty, integrity and helping people to succeed are my #1 goals

Your feedback is appreciated.
Have a blessed Day!!
Lee Ware
visit me at http://www.getridofpestnrodents.com


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