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About Get Rid of Pests n Rodents

Get Rid of Pests n Rodents is a site developed, paid for and maintained by Lee Ware, who has helped 1,000's of businesses and homeowners. Back in my day the only pest control we had was the broom, shovel, and the DDT hand pump. Things sure have changed.My name is Lee Ware. I have a private applicators license in the state of Louisiana and am a Customer Support Manger the largest retail chain of do-it yourself pest control stores in the south. I personally have assisted more than 15,000 business and home owners resolve pest control, mold remediation, and wild life control issues in the past 3 years alone. I also have an Assoc. Degree in Applied Sciences for Industrial Maintenance Technology from Ohio University and was a helicopter crew chief in the Marine Corps. I love my job because I help people with issues that present health and safety issues for their loved ones and customers that cannot afford to have them addressed professionally. Word of mouth is extremely important in this line of business. Honesty, integrity and helping people to succeed are my #1 goals.
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