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New community website

Welcome to my new website. I made this site to pass my expertise to the public. It is new so I will be adding information on a regular basis. This is a community website backed by professional expertise. I strongly encourage you to share your experiences to help others. If you have an issue that is not here, just ask and I will respond and help you out in a timely manner.
Thank you and be blessed everyone!!
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Welcome to Get Rid of Pests n Rodents

Hi my name is Lee Ware.
Other sites may offer similar information, but my website comes with a personal touch. I can help customize a treatment plan to fit your needs.
I designed this site to be informative so you can protect your home and family in a safe manner with as little cost as possible.I personally have assisted more than 15,000 business and home owners resolve pest control, mold remediation, and wild life control issues in the past 3 years alone. Honesty, integrity and helping people to succeed are my #1 goals. Please feel free to ask or add any information you want here. We can discuss anything from natural pest control to professional grade products used by pest control companies.
I am licensed for pest control in the state of Louisiana and a Customer Support Manger the largest retail chain of do-it yourself pest control stores in the south.
Thank you and have a blessed day!
visit me at

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